Your partner in household insecticides!


Pest species in households not only may create disgust in some people, but also can be responsible for considerable material damages or disease transmissions. Their mere presence may decrease our well-being significantly.


Since many years, we are offering a vast range of products used in control, monitoring and deterrence of vermin indoors and outdoors. Our product line-up contains various sticky traps and dispensers, as well as baits for pest insects. We are continously expanding and developing our product range. It is our utmost concern to realise the requests of our clients and advance in environmentally friendly alternatives.


Our company


ANnoWAtec was founded in 2005 in Reichertshofen, a small town near Ingolstadt and Munich in southern Germany.


The task of our company is development, production and distribution of products in household pest control. The majority of our products is intended for the use by laypersons, e.g. moth paper, moth sachets, fly catcher baits, sticky traps for silverfish, food moth, clothes moth, as well as glue bands for trees and products to scare away dogs, cats or martens.