How we can help


Most of our products are manufactured and assembled exclusively in our very own production facility. That is why we can guarantee low prices and a constant high quality. For additional components of our products, e.g. injection moulding parts, we cooperate closely with local producers, applying a strict quality control.


The main competences of our company are lamination of sticky traps by the 'hotmelt' treatment, production of fly catcher baits by screen printing, filling or bagging of impregnated pellets and a skilled packaging staff. The latter allows us to deliver products ready for sale to our customers. Additionally, in the last years we expanded our production and now, among many other things, are also capable of filling any liquids and producing impregnated cotton wool balls. Our close cooperation with local manufacturers ranges from offset printing up to plastics processing, giving us diverse possibilities to satisfy any product requests. We offer a qualified and contemporary solution!


Our long-time experience and our curiosity for new things allow us to help You in the design and realisation of new and innovative products. Currently we are advancing several projects in product development, e.g. for field monitoring purposes.

Various sticky traps

In addition to sticky traps against cockroaches, silverfishes and other ground insects, we also produce special traps against flying insects, like clothes and food moths or fungus gnats. Our experience also includes the production of glue bands since many years. Not only neutral glue surfaces can be manufactured, but also traps with different attractants applied, incorporated or delivered separately (also pheromones). We are able to process a broad line-up of carrier materials. Traps against other invertebrates (bed bugs, mosquitoes, etc.), substitution glue boards for electric devices or special traps for scientific monitoring – nearly everything is possible, just ask!


All sorts of dispensers

Another part of our fabrication are scent and/or active agent emitting systems. We work with all kinds of fragrances, active components and carrier materials to produce blisters, impregnated cotton wool balls, loaded granulate, impregnated plastics, active agent coated paper and many other components. Most of our actual products rank in the fields of textile protection, repellents and air fresheners. A further particular product class are different carrier of active substances for the control of house flies. Beyond that, various applications indoors and outdoors would be imaginable – intended for vermin control, repellent or monitoring, or as a mere air freshener.